Baby Ostriches









 Bald Eagle


The Eagle has landed!

Created with three different kinds of mohair. Airbrushed and ready to land.  $500


Pigasus (When Pigs Fly)


This bigger new Flying Pig comes in champagne on the left and white on the right.

Both are airbrushed, have a wire armature and  love to fly.

$275 SOLD can be ordered


This parakeet is made from Schulte mohair and has a wire armature. Hand painted and airbrushed.

$165   SOLD, but you can order one. More colors to arrive soon.






Swan is made of Schulte matted mohair.

Wire armature, glass eyes.





$235 SOLD





$295    32"L (with tail) 7"T (sold, but you can order one)


Soft Sculpture Animal Art by Robin Ruinsky