All equines are made from Schulte mohair and have wire armatures, glass eyes and gesso painted Ultrasuede * hooves.

    Man O' War        Seattle Slew 1974-2002

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Airbrushed details


The Mare and Foal                                                                               



Airbrushed details                                                                  

Mare $275         17"L 10"T       

Foal   $150            9"L 6"T    SOLD


Airbrushed white stockings and details.

$250 SOLD




$250 SOLD



Other Animals

White Tail Deer Family



Schulte mohair with hand painted details. Ultra suede antlers.  14"L 12"T

Buck $300 (sold, but can be ordered)

  Doe  $295 SOLD     $ Fawn $165 SOLD


Phineas the Camel



9"L 8" T SOLD


   Monty Woolly Lamb



10"L 8"T


Goat  and Kid                                                      


Goat $225

Kid $165 SOLD

Both are airbrushed.





*The animals are made from the finest Schulte mohair. They have wire armatures, glass eyes and some are hand painted. The foot pads and some antlers and wings are made from Ultrasuede ™  , the one and only real high quality Ultrasuede™  .    No cheap imitation imitations are ever used.


Soft Sculpture Animal Art by Robin Ruinsky